Shalomoji Says Shalom To AI Digital Suite Founder Elisha Israel

Welcome back Shalomoji friends to our weekly Shalomoji column where we interview Jewish influencers around the world to help inspire and support aspiring newbie entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders.

For this week’s feature interview, we are saying Shalom to writer, musician, serial entrepreneur, and founder of AI Digital Suite, Elisha Israel.

Elisha discusses life as a serial entrepreneur, the inspiration behind his businesses, and offers a ton of great advice to newbie entrepreneurs. Check out the full interview below.

Q: AI Digital Suite “helps establish solo entrepreneurs and small business owners develop strategies and systems for the digital realm.” Tell us more about AI Digital Suite for those who may not know.

A: Sure, thanks for asking & hosting! AI Digital Suite is my most recent project. I assist clients on a remote basis with digital advertising, copywriting & project management.

Q: How did the idea of AI Digital Suite come about?

A: The company was founded as a matter of necessity. As mentioned in the bio above, I’m a musician and was deeply involved in the music world for over a half-decade. I spent years both as a self-managed musician as well as an event coordinator, facilitating the organization and management of events on the local, regional & national levels. The reality is, the income level and earning potential of the music world, especially as an up and coming artist, is not enough to maintain a stable lifestyle. With that in mind, I decided to start a business to support myself while I continue to compose, transitioning away from the event side of the music business at the same time.

When looking at my life and the way that I wanted to design and create it, I realized that flexibility in life design was a key tenet to me. This allows for the ability to travel as a musician, to spend time with those I love on my own timeline and to invest the majority of my time into projects that I’m passionate about.

With this in mind, I decided to launch AI Digital Suite, a location independent business that helps clients with their digital advertising, copywriting & project management. I’m deeply grateful for the opportunity this project has given me & am enthusiastic about helping others in their journeys as well.

Q: Tell us about your role at AI Digital Suite and what a day in the life looks like for you?

A: As the founder & current only team member (soon to change!), I have to play many roles. These roles include continuous learning, maintaining client relationships and fulfilling responsibilities, conceptual planning, content creation, outreach, sales and systems design. An average day starts with waking up, diving into client work for an hour or two, refocusing on networking for a bit, transitioning to a creative space, whether content or music and then finalizing my client work for the day before I can start reading or enjoying personal time. Although being honest, most of my personal time is spent developing projects further. I love what I do!

Q: What do you believe makes your brand stand out from other entrepreneurial consulting brands?

A: There are a few key differentiations. The first is my willingness to learn. Another key is the depth and scope of my network. Over the years, I’ve created and continue to foster strong relationships with creatives of all types and am enthusiastic about supporting those I know, especially considering how prolific some of them are in their varied pursuits. Another key differentiation is my background in the music world as both an event coordinator and onsite manager. I’m used to organizing large-scale projects and responding well in stressful situations & am continually challenging myself to better my responses & communication methods.

Q:You have also created a Facebook group called The Digital Realm- For Millennial Entrepreneurs. Tell us about the inspiration behind the group and what group members gain from joining?

A: Sure! Thanks for asking! The group is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the online space and how you can launch or grow your project in the online space. The group is designed to be a learning environment for all of us. I encourage everyone to share their knowledge, to share opportunities with each other and to assist and support each other in our individual growth. I’m excited to continue nurturing this little community! There are some amazing people in the group and I can’t wait to meet everyone else!!

Q: In addition to AI Digital Suite, you are also a musician at Sacral Crown, which is described as “seeking to create with a tuned ear for the culture and spirit of our current society.” Tell us more about Sacral Crown for those who may not know.

A: Great question! So, yes. My music project is called Sacral Crown. The sacral chakra is often associated with pleasure, sexuality and unconscious desire. The crown chakra is often associated with spirituality & enlightenment. The project is a journey & a guiding beacon for myself to self-actualize from unconscious desire to my own enlightenment, using music & my personal process in creating the music as a walking stick & helping hand.

Q: What Top 3 tips would you give an aspiring entrepreneur to become successful?

A: Hmm. 1. Start. 2. Be consistent. 3. Learn one thing at a time and do it well before moving on. I fail at the last one often. There’s always the ’new shiny object’ syndrome, especially in the online space. But, please start. The world needs your gifts!!

Q: As the great Albert Einstein once said: Failure is success in progress.”  What have been some of your failures, and how has it helped propel you towards success?

A: I’ve had many failures! I’d say a big one has been my lack of understanding in my younger days of how my tone could impact others. I often thought that, if my intention was right then it didn’t matter. There was a process of realization, coming to terms with the responsibility of the impact of my actions as well as the actions themselves. I’m deeply grateful for this lesson although it has been one that has hurt me at times.

 Q: Do you have any daily habits, tools or business hacks you find useful to share with the Shalomoji readers?

A: Eat healthy! Food is medicine! Eat real foods, stay away from processed foods, cook your own meals, jump up and down every once in a while, get outside more than I do and do what you love!! Follow the process. Take the first step. Start.

Q: Are there any books, blogs, or podcasts you recommend that you believe helped shape your success?

E: Sure! There are lots! A few good ones are The Alchemist (book), The Lean Startup (book) & I’ve recently been reading a great book called Neurosell that breaks down the neuroscience of the sales process. Nonviolent Communication is an important book as well. I believe it’s important for us to stay educated & informed as to the realities of the world that we live in so on that note, I’d recommend reading Savage Inequalities (book). Read daily!

Q: Can you give readers an inside scoop on what’s next for you?

A: I’d love to! Next up, I’ll be continuing to focus on growing my business as well as fine tuning some of my more recent compositions for release. I also am beginning to grow my personal brand & am excited to write more articles, continue working on my book as well as become a better public speaker & storyteller! The future is bright!

Q: How has Judaism played a factor in your entrepreneurial journey?

A: Great question! I was raised Orthodox, living in an Orthodox community until I was 14 years old. I went to orthodox elementary & middle school and transitioned to public school for high school once I moved from my mom’s to my dad’s. This was due in large part to my temperamental nature (at the time) as well as my increasing dissonance with the religious structure. Currently, I identify as ethnically Jewish. In terms of religion & spirituality, my core perspective there is that “Everything simply is.”

Q: We here at Shalomoji would like to leave our readers with a nugget of inspiration. What has been your greatest inspiration? Is there a particular quote, life motto or mentor you look up to that has given you unforgettable advice that you’d like to share?

A: I was at an event having a conversation with my good friend and fellow musician who goes by the alias Shanti. This was a heated conversation, somewhat intense and personal, although positive. In the middle of the conversation, he looked me in the eye and said, “Be you.” This was one of the most important moments I’ve experienced yet. I’ve always doubted myself. That meant a lot. So this is me, saying to you. “Be you.” I’d like to add…”Please start, the world needs your gifts.”

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